Children are evil: Creepy quotes from real kids. What is the creepiest thing your child has ever said to you?

Misunderstood stuff

Misunderstood stuff

Road signs: What they REALLY mean. (I can't stop laughing at this.) The christmas tree one is the best!

If you get random texts from a stranger trying to fool you into thinking it's not actually a stranger, this is how to handle it.

This Is Hands Down The Best Cover Of Frozen's "Let It Go"

It rarely happens that you get a wrong number text, or you send a text to an unknown person. But the life is full of uncertainty and sending a text to the wrong number is not a big issue.

I miss my Daddy now! LoL I lost it at the wooden car bumper. keg

I can fix that…

This is what my life would be if my dad and Pete "fixed" things their way!


truth true sleep bed rain i can relate so true relatable so relatable

AND Wives..Mothers AND Wives! Lol..this most definitely occurs in my house. Although, the wife and kids are graduating it from a regular occurrence to a definite tradition. Lmao

Yes, please get a new cup every time you need a drink of water. I love doing dishes.said no Mother ever.

SO Funny! Can you imagine the teacher's face when she saw this!?!?!?!?! XD

Funny pictures about A little kid's homework. Oh, and cool pics about A little kid's homework. Also, A little kid's homework.

My moms signature  @Lindsey Daley  lolz

My moms signature

Funny School Teacher Child Parent Note Picture Image Seems Legit Joke

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12 Sewing and Quilting Memes Sewers Understand All Too Well

I've already thoutght about making a voodoo doll pincushion but there is no one that I would pin. I'll think a little more, there must be someone lol

Oh dear, NO amount of turpentine is going to clean up THAT mess. Better call Home Depot...and Best Buy...and Ikea... (via I'm A Mom, I Got This)

Oh dear, NO amount of turpentine is going to clean up THAT mess. Better call Home Depot. (via I'm A Mom, I Got This)