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Eye see you.

Don't give up when they shovel dirt on you. Take another step up like this very clever donkey.

Bäääääh, mit dir spiele ich nicht mehr!

Funny horse picture peeking around a tree with tongue sticking out! Horses have a sense of humor, too.


gorgeous CM Billie Jo Spears with her foal CC Bobbette. Clovercrest Miniature Donkey Stud too cute… Mais

The sweetest eyes ever.

The Palm Oil Action Group is a collective of Non Government Organisations concerned about oil palm plantation development and the associated deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

Amelanistic raccoon. People keep mistaking this for an albino. Albinos have red eyes. This one has black.

[ALBINO RACCOON: " Me bein' a special color critter n' allz mayhaps kin getz a special treat' tonites?

Yes they can!

another talking horse Mr. ED except maybe this horse has found something funny to laugh out loud. I think that is this so funny.