She must really need to sprint fast to get where she's going on time. View "Girl Stretching on the Train" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Cheerleading. Follow me in my TWITTER: @Nayviess Garcia :D @nayviess garcia

All those little kids better step aside. Im taking over the monkey bars xD . Its going to take a while so Ill be there everyday if I have to cx

Any time I get to work with Kenzie is a good time, thank you so much for making me one of your Christmas presents!  Couldn't have been any happier after this session ❤️ #evanysphotography

50+ Gorgeous Dance Pose Ideas for Stairs


This is so true on so many levels. Dancing is an amazing thing but you won't get we're you want to be unless you work for it although setting goals is better than wishing for it so DANCE