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Monroe from Grimm <3 Best part of the show.

Grimm - Monroe - True, it's impossible not to love this guy!

Grimm - Nick + Monroe - Lovely Blutbad by ~Bisho-s on deviantART

Grimm - Nick + Monroe - Lovely Blutbad by ~Bisho-s on deviantART>>>i love how excited monroe gets when he goes to the trailer

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Monroe...

I had two reactions to Let Your Hair Down - rosewaterwitch

I had two reactions to Let Your Hair Down Or at least reactions not related to squeeing over how adorable Monroe was with Holly and the overall excellence of the episode.

Werewolves are too mainstream

It's because the show takes place in Portland, land of the Hipsters.

'All Hallows Eve' ~ lol Monroe! To be honest I think I'd like to do that if I were Wesen! Kids who think its a mask though! They would be the best! ;)

'All Hallows Eve' ~ lol Monroe! I loved the part where Monroe Woged in front of those three little brats.

Hey Nick, your mother...

'Hey Nick, your mother scares the crap out of me, man' -monroe

Her face in the last gif hurts me.

Noooo - I love Juliette- I wish they didn't change her to be like this. But I love how open they left the end - Diana said "mom and dad are coming too" implying Adeline but they don't say for sure. I want the old Juliette to marry nick