Doll with black hair wearing long black dress & holding umbrella

Great outfit for Halloween or otherwise. Could do arms in black with flesh at the ends. Love the umbrella too. Buy a pack of umbrellas at Michael's, take off existing paper and add black fabric.

Unbelievably beautiful

I don& know why but something about these beautiful little Ball Jointed Dolls absolutely intrigue me. Though they are priced WAY to high, if I could get my hands on a cheap one, I think Id be a collector:O

Dollfies                                                       …

Maybe I'm not a big fan of that kinda dolls but I have to admit that I TOTALLY liked her Delicate Build and Feminine Style!

very pretty

Paranoia doll - is a sight for a sore eye! The official one is on the pictures itself :) Full news contains 34 more pictures Paranoia doll - is

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I’ve never looked seriously at the new Luts dolls, but Arwen is really pretty…and in darker resin, she’s stunning!

Lancy Ray

What Is a Ball Jointed Doll

Pink short hair, black clothes, hazel big eyes and pretty, creepy doll :: Everything for Doll & more

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