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Vought F7U Cutlass

Vought Cutlass - unfortunately know as the 'Gutless' by pilots as it was particularly underpowered.

Vought F7U 3M Cutlass

The Cutlass' performance suffered due to a lack of sufficient engine thrust; consequently, its carrier landing and takeoff performance was notoriously poor. The was known to flame out in rain, a very serious fault.

Ace Combat Galore : Photo

Fuckyeah Ace Combat An Ace Combat series fan page, buddy. Focusing more on Ace Combat and Zero.

Vought F7U Cutlass

Vought F7U Cutlass

F-80 StootingStar..

My Dad trained in this plane. his first Jet on his way to the big bombers.

Extremely rare: U.S. Navy plane lands on snow-covered aircraft carrier's flight deck

An Intruder of Attack Squadron (VA) 52 on final approach for recovery on the snow-covered flight deck of USS Carl Vinson (CVN operating in the Bering Sea January 21 1987

Junkers Ju 390

Junkers Ju 390 (New York Bomber) - The Junkers Ju 390 multi-engine long-range heavy bomber was to strike at the heart of major American cities - changing German wartime fortunes ultimately revised this need.