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What a stud!

Some dogs, however, could take a while to adjust. They may be in need of food supplements due to an ailment of a special nutrient need

american bully puppy

This is the adorable American bully puppy. They deserve better! Share this photo and show the world how adorable American "bullies" are!

American Pitbull Terrier, gotta love this breed of dog.....love pit bulls…

American Staffordshire Terrier commonly mistaken for and called "American Pitbull Terriers"

Pit Bulls & Itty Pitties - FB. Why are these the cutest puppies ever. Love…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I can not even stand how adorbale this puppy is! Pit Bulls & Itty Pitties - Why are these the cutest puppies ever.

Pit Bull Cuties

TWINS😻 I really want a twin, tell me when you find someone tht stole my face lol😉😂😂

I know that's right

I don't ALWAYS turn out to be the coolest dog in the room, but when I do, it's because I'm a Pibble!