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It's sadly true. Well, mostly true. Well, not quite. Well, I've got like three.

Honestly, I don't ship. Too much drama and anachronism. But this! This is too good.

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Honestly, I don't ship. Too much drama and anachronism.<<< You don't ship? I've never seen someone that doesn't ship? Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brain?

We'd probably never take Sherlock Holmes seriously ever again.    .. still.

most I just want the gag reel from ASiB, just because I want to see Benedict fall flat on his face in that sheet.

This was already so perfect, but needed one last addition at the end, so I put it there.  Now it's perfect. :)

Beliebers vs almost every other fandom<--- This is beautiful. <--- the thing is about Supernatural is the fact that it is part of a big group called SuperWhoLock. <--- the Merlin fandom has your back too SPN fandom!

This. This is an interesting thought.

CumberSmaug owns it. I would treat him like some wild cat that wandered in one day-feed him and keep waiting for a chance to touch him :D<<<<< I would just be like, "um, ok. Let's just hang out and watch Sherlock together


Most British Picture Ever. John Hurt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gary Oldman and Colin Firth. Did I already mention Benedict Cumberbatch?


"You should have let me sleep!": The Hobbit/STID crossover.

ABC: Yes, tenth season. Anyways at the end- BBC: Kill him. It'll be more fun. ABC: Wait, what? BBC: THEN END THE SHOW AND WATCH THEM SUFFER!!

Abc: well anyways after he defeats the villa- Bbc: defeats the villain? Kill them both off and bring them back to life! Abc: umm no? Bbc: but then you get to watch the fandom suffer! Abc: no Bbc: youre boooring

Martin quoting John Lennon! Ahh! This is just....I can't...please excuse me, I need a moment....

Funny pictures about Why Tim was my favorite from The Office. Oh, and cool pics about Why Tim was my favorite from The Office. Also, Why Tim was my favorite from The Office.

Haha so true.

lol, life without your brain being packed with the crisscrossing torments of belonging to multiple fandoms