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Teaching is a tough job, and many of us give teachers less credit than they deserve. The awesome teachers in this list are shining examples of the brilliant

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” An Emergency Trump Inauguration Cartoon Slide Show - The New Yorker

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Teacher humor -Dear Students, I know when you're texting in class. Seriously, no one just looks down at their crotch and smiles. Sincerely, Your Teacher.

Friend Of Mine's Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test

Friend Of Mine’s Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test

hilarious teachers bored teachers 8

25 Hilarious Teachers That Got the Last Laugh

hilarious teachers bored teachers 8

Tesla:  Why #Nikola #Tesla Was the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived.

Epic Nikola Tesla Infographic: How He Is The Greatest Geek! (Alternately titled: Why Edison is a Jerk)

When I began my career, I embodied the perfect trifecta of a promising teacher: tenacious enthusiasm, blind ambition, and bunches and bunches of naivety. That’s what youth affords us: complete oblivion of glass ceilings. Before first-hand experience could taint my fresh face, a fellow English teacher came to me with an incredible idea for a collaborative project. …

From the perspective of an educator, reasons why literature supports JUST SAYING NO to Trump.