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How To Draw An EYE - 40 Amazing Tutorials And Examples

(Open Rp someone be him) I walked down the hall and saw the popular girl kissing him. I felt a wave of jealousy go over me and I didn't understand why. He hated me and loved to annoy me. He even said so himself. I knew I liked him and I always denied it. I look down and continue to walk. Later that day I feel someone grab my wrist. I turn to see him. I struggle to get out of his grip but can't. "We need to talk" he said. He's never looked so serious before.....

You got admit that if the Cats Eye Chronicle were modern teen story, I can imagine Crash and Sora will be like this.>>>>Previous Pinner, idk what this fandom is, I LOVE the art piece :)

Qual a cor dos seus olhos?

you can see this person's soul through her eyes. "eyes are the window to the soul"

So, it has been a while since I have blogged! But this weekend I did a 20 minute sketch of an eye. It looks a bit sad, maybe because i t is telling me I need to blog more... Anyway I have been off ...

Drawing - pencil sketch of an eye

Eye and Butterfly Art

I use to love this stuff! And here, it is so subtle yet so much more powerful. And the glossiness effect makes the eye look like a marble. containing all the power of color? This is like Piper's eyes?

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A beautiful female eye cries tears of koi fish in this black and white illustration by Nanami Cowdroy