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In a heartbeat

In a heartbeat<<< omigosh! there's fanart of it already?


I’m finally excited to be able to share my contribution to Ringling’s annual Meanwhile comic! Basically every year 16 students in Ringling’s illustration department are selected to make a two.

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Cute lesbian couple

Her POV) I wrap my arm around my girlfriend and snarl at the guy hitting on her. When he leaves I give her my big blue puppy eyes." I peck her lips. "You love me," I coo

In a Heartbeat ||1/3|| So beautiful / #anime

In a Heartbeat

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in a heartbeat animated short film

You’ll smile watching the story of 2 boys who share a same-sex crush

In a Heartbeat" Animated Short Film by Beth + Esteban -- Kickstarter

In a Heartbeat" Animated Short Film by Beth + Esteban -- Kickstarter I just saw it. I couldn't help but tear up. It was such an adorable