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Jinjin | Astro

My bias wrecker always looking good

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JinJin [진진] | Park Jinwoo [박진우]

JinJin [진진] | Park Jinwoo [박진우]

Moon Bin 문빈 || Astro || 1998 || 180cm || Lead Vocal || Lead Dancer

Astro official Fancafe - Behind the scene from Music show promotions - MoonBin

[HEYOTV TWITTER UPDATE] *Oku-Oku, us #Sanha #ASTRO #Heyotv #ParkSohyun’sIdoltv [*Oku-Oku is used when you see something cute] “trans by with-astro ”

[ sanha is such a precious maknae one day he'll go through that evil maknae phase and i reassure you guys that im not ready for it


i love him so much, it's indescribable ♡ — he is my ray of sunshine on a stormy day, i treasure the experience of seeing park minhyukie ✧

[22.02.16] Debut press conference....seriously Jinjin's eye smile is the best thing

seriously Jinjin's eye smile is the best thing