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Fancy - sweet pea

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. God makes amazing things! Look how Beautiful this creature is. Not only are cows beautiful, but they are the sweetest loving animals!

best donkey picture. ever. by mg photography

I just love this picture. Makes me smile Animals do this silliest things ♌

Fox kit has Mom's tail...

Baby fox hanging onto Mom. I would have a fox as a pet too. And then I'd let it go.

The Little Hermitage

"On a factory farm, cow’s milk is not intended for baby cows – it’s intended for humans. Therefore, baby calves are not allowed to nurse. They are taken from their mothers as soon as two hours after birth"

Not keen on change, donkeys can come across as stubborn. If anything seems dangerous to them – they absolutely won’t do it. However, this isn’t because they are stubborn, but because they trust, respect and listen to their own intuitive senses. They know their boundaries, what they can and cant do. This shows us how to trust, respect and listen to our own personal intuition also.

Un mariage gipsy sous une yourte - inspiration -

"No se puede ser valiente si sólo ha tenido cosas maravillosas que te pase.", via Flickr.

sharing with a friend :).the squirrel and bird are sharing a piece of bread. So cute.

Mama love....

Cow With Her Young Calf: "Nuzzling Love Time Together. little did the mother know her son would soon be caught, killed, hung up side down, skinned and chopped up into bits for other mammals enjoyment.

Orangutan                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

A sadness in the eyes protrays the acceptance of things as they are. Yearns for the wild and days of freedom.------------------------------------Orangutan,San Diego Zoo (by Official San Diego Zoo)