Mega Jolteon is my favorite. My favorite move to use with him is Charge Beam.

Mega Jolteon Fan made design

And this is what Mega Vaporeon would look like...IF THEY HAD ONE.

Looks like what vaporeon would look like if it could mega evolve!

pokemon mega evolution list - Google zoeken

pokemon mega evolution list - Google zoeken

Leafeon, Mega Evolution; Pokemon

Mega Leafeon concept Not so impressive, IMO.

This would be cool if it was real! Maybe you would have to gather all the type plates AND  you would have to find the mega stone? I dunno, but it would be cool!!

Mega Arceus (fake) Looks ligit

fake mega eevee evolutions - Yahoo Image Search Results

Mega Glaceon Fan Made Design

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

pokemon memes eeveelution fan art the three teams mystic instinct and valor

Eeveelutions, I'm assuming some are based on existing Pokemon, like Lopunny…

Ultimate evee

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Eevee evolution

Evoluciones y Fakevoluciones de Eevee Eevee (Normal) Vaporeon (Agua-Water)…

Que lindinhosss!!!!                                                       …

Pokemon - Eevolutions & Starters from Moon and Sun: Leafeon & Rowler, Flareon & Litten, Vaporeon & Popplio.

pokemon shaming, badass sylveon this is the time type of person I wanna be

Pokemon shaming- Sylveon<- XD haha, so cute!

@Becky Hui Chan Cahlik I thought you might like this.

lol april baby :D POKEMON ASTROLOGY SIGNS. Vulpix - You are very energetic, courageous and quick witted! You love attention. However, you might find yourself being impulsive and impatient, and possibly be a little bit selfish

human version gijinka pokemon, raichu

human version gijinka pokemon, raichu<- I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure this is Honey-Senpai cosplaying Raichu

This is so cute

" short pokemon version of you JONES.a short pokemon, JK, JK, JK.

sylveon gifs | Tumblr

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Wallet (cod: ev a) World of Ash