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mmm cross x nightmare <3 x D SANS:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (meglovonia intensifys )

May that be a lesson for every AU to never mess with nightmare

Play any song and Cross will dance for you~


Underverse X-Tale by jakei: dancing Cross!Sans 'Play any song and Cross will dance for you~'

undertale sans papyrus and frisk<< Sans...you hair....lemme touch that

sans human, papyrus human and frisk monster - overtale comic omg my opinion Sans is hot with that hair!

Sans: Hola,niña

frans❤ [Español Comic's] - Hola,niña...

Sans: Hola,niña

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Cross and young nightmare sans have a date~♡ pt.1

, either shipped or as a side character! Of course this is sancest too! So comment a ship you want to see me write!

Undertale Papyrus Undyne Sans

i think this might be my favorite undertale comic ive ever seen.