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'I'm not! Of course I'm not, why else would I have to go to teraphy?! I always wanted someone to save me! ...but I understood that I'm the only one that can really do that.. and I gave up. I didn't fight anymore, so I can't help myself anymore..........' -Kazaya

Tring to act like your okay when your not takes a toll >>> When your favorite character dies, or the anime leaves you on a cliff-hanger

Anime:kekkai sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront

Anime:kekkai sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront

“All of my scars, show how many times I needed you and you weren’t there.” -White Rabbit

It's actually from a manga called Pandora Hearts that's amazing, but I feel like putting it under Anime for now 😂

All you need is a golden summer smile

All you need is a golden summer smile

I replace it very very slowly. I prefer to not have a "Golden Summer Smile" Or even a smile at all. Very few things provide that nowadays

Anime: Ano natsu de Matteru

Anime: Ano natsu de Matteru


The ones with the brightest smile and the loudest laughs has the most painful past: Rin - Blue Exorcist, Natsu - Fairy Tail, Luffy - One Piece, Ichigo - Bleach, Naruto - Naruto

I don’t have a reason why I started or I just don’t remember (my horrid memory sucks) so I am able to give up and I did give up.

Before you give up. Remember the reason why you started - Killua Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter

I don't even know why...

Traduction FR : Pourquoi es-tu autant effrayé des monstres, quand toi-même tu sais que je suis en toi.

sometimes the people who are so broken, that they get jealous because you are whole.

Illustrations by Alexandria Lomuntad

I honestly don’t know why I’m so flat out with how I feel, like normally people with depression cry when they talk about shit like this. But nope I’m wayyy different.