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Altair is like a big child - he can't lose, really. Too bad he's got tools to manage to achieve that xD Me and ~garnet-lynx are fooling with poor Alty here. I know it's shitty comic but I draw the.

Everything Assassin's Creed! : Photo

Right to left: Jacob Frye, Arno Dorian, Edward Kenway, Connor Kenway If I'm wrong somebody needs to correct me.

I remember the first time I jumped into water. I think it was in Jerusalem and guards where after me. Because I played AC2 before I played the first, I thought 'well OK I'll just jump in the river'. All that was left was bubbles. And that annoying voice of the animus.

I jumped of a building in to water in the game. died game hesitated jumped anyway and lived. Now have Altair outfit in game. hesitate to jump almost every time now.

Assassin we just don't kill

good then he backs out. 5 minutes later Malik wakes up and see's bird. Malik: that slick bastard

What!? xD xD xD oh Google  ~AssassinWolfie

xdreaming-out-loud: “Have you ever been so mad that you… threw a laptop at Charles Lee…? Source: Assassin’s Creed Franchise For Fans ”

Assassins Creed humor edward and haytham kenway

"Father, stop calling me that, I am 15 years old." Because the Kenways make my heart happy. Edward and Haytham.--We all know he is gonna become unbearable when Connor is born.