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Definitely put those back where they came from. Better yet, utterly destroy them. Throw them into the fires of Mount Doom.

You can't understand the horror that is a block pit until you encounter one yourself

Am I the only one that was fine in the block pit? Or am I a natural block pit person thing?<----These things hate me. <----- BLOCK PITS HATE ME and im glad i found out im supposed to roll not try and walk hehe oops.

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A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys // American Girl // Vikings // crush funny stuff

37 Genius Tweets From 2017 That Broke The 50k Retweet Barrier

37 Tweets From 2017 That Nearly Broke The Goddamn Internet

Holy son of a motherless goat that if fricken hilarious!!! XD XD XD :,D Im crying!!

Haha, that's too fun

Holy son of a motherless goat that if fricken hilarious! XD XD XD :,D Im crying!<<"Holy son of a motherless goat"