Dream home would not be dream home without secret room.

Secret Room Behind Stone Wall- panic room or wine cellar? You decide!

a wooden wardrobe with a passage to Narnia play room, but I wouldn't paint it all Narnia-y. It ill be way cooler than that.

(Narnia or not. How awesome would this be as a kid!) Wardrobe Passage to Hidden Narnia-Themed Playroom. Secret rooms are the BEST!

SECRET ROOMS - Google Search

After reading so many Nancy Drew books I always thought it would be nice to have a secret passage. Secret Door hidden in paneling of this Library opens to reveal a stone staircase leading to a reading room

Parents, snoop your kids' rooms. Just found this on Tumblr, posted by a teenage girl. Points to her for being clever enough to create this. Points subtracted instantly for being stupid enough to show the internet.

22 Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff

Easy way to make a secret hiding place. Easy way to make a secret hiding place. Easy way to make a secret hiding place.

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Interior: Secret passage, This would be cool to have becuase it doesnt look like a door way when it actually is. Or i could put shevling on the doorway, where it wouldn't take up as much space and would make it less noticable as a door.

Funny humorous quote fart zone reclaimed cedar wood by emc2squared

Yep - this is what happens in a house full of boys.Funny, humorous quote "fart zone" reclaimed wood rustic wall art sign, for man cave, bathroom or boys room