Smoky Quartz

Fanart of Smoky Quartz from the Cartoon Network show, "Steven Universe". Created by Rebecca Sugar. Episode, "Know Your Fusion".

Seriously though, when Smokey Quarts started saying those things it made me sad

Smokey:I hate myself Sardonyx:Who does you get this from Smokey? Steven or amethyst? Smokey:Both,They hate themselves and want to die Sardonyx:Shit.

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💕 💕 💕 Repressed Nerd + Mystery Girl 💕 💕 💕 I wish I had time to color it properly. For the time being have a little gif!) Badass Pearl from that episode will forever remind me of XD ART.

Funny bunny

I wanna hear how Peridot and Lapis would sing this. << I want to see peridot doing it but her line is "because yellow diamond's a clod"

If you remember the episode titled " the answere" you'd understand

I don't ship this. But this is adorable<-- Garnet is Peridot's mom, confirmed

"Change the Length"

"change the length"


This is so sad and creepy and my feels hurt and garnet is so scary