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I wonder if they actually had a kid, would they name her stevonnie or something else?

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Even Trump is offended by this

stevenuniverse, steboni, discountsupervillian, stevonnie<<<I love how Stevonnie is there daughter I LOVE IT

The curious case of Steven Universe by mewtwo3291

Here's Connie at age 28 and Steven, age So this counts as my first official Steven Universe fan art on thi. The curious case of Steven Universe

Harsh Boogie.OK,OK its Rose as a human and Greg as a gem

Greg Quartz and Rose Universe<<< WHOA. *backs away slowly* WHOA *trips and falls backwards* WHOA WHOA WHOA.<<< This confuses me on so many levels

Injured Steven by twispicalstephen NOT LIKE I NEEDED MY HEART

Injured Steven by twispicalstephen

Even though its been comfirmed that steven would cease to exist if poofed, i still think about this senario quite often. Since connie doesn't know about how being poofed works she'd be rather upset