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Mishaaaa :D

So I saw a spider and I was like ahhh a spider and then the spider was like ahhh misha.

Misha Collins because you are adorable and cute

Misha confession… (It's because we all love you Misha) If they took him off the show the entire world would implode on its self.this is fact. (Yes, we love you Misha, the show can't go on without you)

Change to "Do you like Jensen? Like, like like?" XD

*Bright lights descend from the sky while trumpets play* IT'S CANNON!<<We all are gay for him.

Like when Cas gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition? | Oh gosh...giant angel hickey...XD

Cas gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition, leaving a hickey

He is SO cute.

Misha Collins everyone.Was he trying to do a little grrr thing? Is he speaking in tongues?

pretty in blue

Misha Collins with the impossibly blue eyes. Except that it's not impossible, they are that blue.

I promise you that I would have no problem with dating a almost 40 year old. Exactly a 26 years  difference doesn't mean anything

Kiana :) on

Misha Colllins - I hate this man so much. And by hate, I mean love.