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"If you have a bad cough take laxatives. Then you will be afraid to cough." - YOUR ECARDS - so crued, but funny

this is literally the most accurate thing ever written about me.

Funny Confession Ecard: I know it's hard to believe that I'm right of the time. The other is when I have to solve math problems.

Surprising Cleaning New Uses                                                                                                                                                     More

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Today’s Housekeeping Tip: Keep strategically placed get well cards on your mantel… Too funny. and a great idea'

wtf: I really do try to see the best in people. But seriously... some of you fuckers are making it so damn hard.

wtf: I really do try to see the best in people. But seriously. some of you fuckers are making it so damn hard.

Hahaha @Hayley Demanett this made me think of you

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: 'Your obsession with cats is out of control and I can't handle it anymore!' 'So, you're kicking meeeowt?

Story of My Life

*tears for my childhood* Yep.I used to get mad at my mom bc i couldn't find pencils with my name on them when i was a kid. We had to special order them *le sigh*


bread won´t make you fat. There are a lot of nice "boys". You don´t need more hours (even it would be nice) but prioritze to what you spent your time.

♥ Looks like a bathing suit Anna Jane had when she was pregnant with me

Drink Too Much Magnet True friends are stuck together like magnets. Our hilarious magnets explain the value of true friendship…being happy together and being loved for who you are.

9:15pm:you punch yourself accidentally trying to pull the covers up............6:18am:you have a black eye and don't even know what happened to it to make it black

Relatable Post: That fail moment when you attempt to pull your blanket up, and punch yourself in the face

So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs

So Relatable - Relatable Posts, Quotes and GIFs<<It's a wonder why I'm scared for the future HMMMM. *looks at high school*

Love this - so true! I think I need one. :)

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