I love them together they make a really good couple they are both funny and they are both perfect ! I love those faces that klaus makes 😍

HAHAHA! I thought this was funny :P

Damon and Elena - definitely EPIC. Even klaus is team Delena. yeah I love you,Caroline,but you don't know what the hell you're talking about,so shut the hell up!

and she got pregnant?

Caroline is a vampire so is katherine so is elena but if you watch tvd you know vampires can't procreat and klaus is an original hybrid ORIGINAL so anything is possible with him I'm a true tvd fan😜✌

Klope 3x22

[The Originals - The Bloody Crown] she made him a better person! This episode was so emotional! All the Mikaelson family feels made me cry and the fact that that Klaus sacrificed himself to keep his family alive.

25 Vampire Diaries funny quotes #Vampire #Diaries

25 Vampire Diaries Funny Quotes

The Vampire Diaries - Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan Caroline is funny but I couldn't stand her in season one