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Well my today’s post will showcase before you 15 cool & inspiring Halloween mouth makeup styles & ideas of

The texture of the skin in the photo is amazing it looks sort of like she's stone and her face and features are cracking.

Halloween Make-up Look Inspirations │ 萬聖節彩妝寶典


When an insane asylum nurse becomes the patient. Wow this looks awesome

♡ Vampire Queen eyes

Another gothic makeup very bold features! the eyes capture you massively along with the red bold lips.If only I could wear contacts!

Special Effects Prosthetic - Scarification - Encapsulated Silicone - Film Quality

Special Effects Prosthetic - Scarification - Encapsulated Silicone - Film Quality, makeup, costume

E piangere senza sapere perché aveva l'odore sgradevole dell'anticamera di un manicomio. Stephen King

There is beauty in the world-even in the dark. I post what I like. HInt: If it's dark, creepy or inked, I like it.There might be blood. There might be nudity.