Azusa, Natsume, Ukyo, Louis, Iori & Wataru (Brothers Conflict)

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink & Brilliant Blue OST - Asahina Azusa's theme I do not own the rights to the music or the pictures.

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Brothers Conflict 2nd Season (Novel) - Pictures -

Browse pictures from the light novel Brothers Conflict Season on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest manga database. Second season to the Brothers Conflict light novels. Here Ema is a university student.

Brothers conflict. this is super helpful, I can never get the order right

Chart of the Asahina brothers in number from eldest to youngest, from the series "Brothers Conflict." >> Super helpful, because sometimes it's hard to remember who is older/younger than who!

Brothers Conflict - Juli and Ema

Brothers Conflict - Juli and Ema - I think I like this ship the best out of all the other ships in the Brothers Conflict series

Brothers Conflict - this anime may not suit everyone because of the way it looks personally at first it looked weird but then i loved it. it is a romance and comedy drama so good and it was made in 2016. Don't know if there is a second season

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Yusuke - Brothers Conflict

The character Yusuke, from the series "Brothers Conflict." >> I think Yusuke is my favorite of the 13 brothers. He just has such a spunky, lovable personality.

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The characters Yusuke and Ema, from the series "Brothers Conflict." >> Yusuke is sooo easily embarrassed.