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And Hitler never gave direct orders to kill babies that were documented. He may have but I have never heard of such a thing but even if he did it's a similarity...Which is no better. And I'm not a stupid narrow minded, limited world view person who thinks Hitler is the most evil person ever...History has produced far worse. The Pin just speaks to the common delusional standard of evil most people have implanted in their head by the media.

Twain: “Our Bible reveals to us the character of our God with minute and remorseless exactness. The portrait is substantially that of a man — if one can imagine a man charged and overcharged with evil impulses far beyond the human limit.

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"When you can't control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way in which you respond . That is where your power lies." Words of Wisdom from Snoopy❤️❤️

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Science has doubled your life and delivered like the bible and its gods never has and never will.

For 4000 years Religion has promised you a second life while Science, in just 100 years, has doubled your life. Religion makes promises, Science delivers.