TRUTH like a STONE. -- I want to fucking cry when I think of the horrible things that people do to Dogs and Cats, and all the other Animals in the world. Dogs are way more human and humane than "humans". A Dog is the True Face of Love.

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Just a few reasons to own a dog. This is possibly my favorite pin of all timer tear up.

My dog is training me well to be a better person.

DOGS AND PEOPLE can come into your life as blessing or lessons.We learn things from both but honestly dogs have taught me MUCH more about being a better person tha people ever have. Goede -photo credit to the owner

Man shelters dog under his umbrella. I LOVE THIS MAN

We can Judge the Heart of a man by his treatment of Animals. ~Immanuel Kant *Please Spay, Neuter & Save a Life ~ Adopt from shelter/rescue ♥

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Pets are family

This should speak to all you selfish bastards that get dogs and abused them. If you want a pet get a pet. If you dont want a pet let somebody who does have these beautiful pets in their life.

Sadie mae

Oh my gosh, right in the feels. "Maybe the reason I love animals so much is because the only time they've hurt my heart is when they've crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Friends you can depend on.

I love my doggies even if their not here in the physical world. So, yeah, your dog is there for you always. And I love my new puppies too, so do what this says and thank whatever pet you have for being there with you, through everything.

I have 2 old girls..will miss them soooo much.

so true.****You saved him, took care of him, gave him a piece of your heart and inturn, he gave you unconditional love his whole life.

♥Furrrr-ever friends♥

"Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turns to fog; but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog.

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this is amazing and something that just out my heart at ease being that my beloved Jotters just crossed that rainbow bridge tonight.she is sleeping in my heart right now!

Weakness is not what you will remember.

Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. But when someone is unkind to me or mine, WEAK is not what you will remember about me. (This is the best kind of friend to have.

Dogs Do Speak

"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen" - Orhan Pamuk