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Scandinavian Simplicity: An organized mess...
*S O M E T I M E S i R E A L L Y wish S T U F F like T H I S existed B E C A U S…
Since I was a child I have always colored pink dolphins! I had a whole room full of them and it turns out they are a real thing! They are referred to as Albino Dolphins and are very rare! Who would have thought that a "creative" little girl was actually drawing and coloring a genetically mutated dolphin :)
Tibetan Mastiff - OMG! I want this massive, cuddly, teddy bear doggie! ♥ For some reason, I like dogs that are either very tiny, or totally huge. Not so much on average or in-between.
Who knew they like lollipops??
cat in a chicken suit, that is all.
How small the cute little puppy is doesn't worry me...it's the massive size of the snail...
When you slow but you're determined to graduate - http://absurdpics.com/funny/when-you-slow-but-youre-determined-to-graduate/