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Form VII

A grim Jedi Master with an amethyst-bladed lightsaber, Mace Windu was the champion of the Jedi Order, with little tolerance for the failings of the Senate, the arguments of politicians, or the opinions of rebellious Jedi.

My lightsaber is the one that has "Bad Mother F@ written on it. Mace Windu from the Star Wars Legacy Collection Geonosis Arena Showdown high, acrylic on paper, saber in Thought I'd pos.

General Grievous, one of my favorite Star Wars villains. Defeated hundreds of Jedi during his time.

Marvel Comics has unveiled the covers and descriptions for its May line-up of Star Wars comics in Star Wars Star Wars: Darth Vader Star Wars: Princess Leia and Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan and you can check them out here…

Thought this was cool

I thought Luke was the jedi who returned because all the other jedi had died, but Luke became a jedi and so the jedi were restored. Luke and Vader BOTH returned. Because "Jedi" can be plural.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Volume 2 - Threat of Peace (Star Wars: The Old Republic (Quality Paper)) Rob Chestney, Alex Sanchez, Michael Ativeh, Benjamin Carre

Geek heyoscarwilde: The original/uncropped/unlettered image for artist [Ralph McQuarrie’s] cover painting to the Star Wars Splinter of the Mind’s Eye novel. Scanned from Starlog (O’Quinn

Crossover: Yoda vs Aliens http://www.jedipedia.net/wiki/Yoda (Vielleicht gewinnt ja Yoda gegen die, nachdem das gegen Dooku und Palpatine nicht so gut lief...)

Yoda vs Aliens this movie would've lasted 20 min w/ no sequels because Yoda would've killed ever last Xenomorph

The Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Tour of the Star Wars Universe [Infographic]

Jedi Temple Guards: Were members of the Jedi Order who were dedicated to protecting the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant. They served as part of the Jedi Temple's security force and reported to Jedi Master Cin Drallig, who headed the Temple's security detail.

Jedi temple guard - these were the main security of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic. Their mask might have been based upon those worn by the Jedi during the Cold War years prior.