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The One Love Peace Concert is held at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. During 'Jamming', Bob Marley joins the hands of political rivals Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP) in an unforgettable and historic moment.

One Leave Peace Concert, Leaders of opposing national parties, Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP), were invited by Bob Marley to join hands on stage as a symbol of unity, to ask for national peace during a time of much political warfare.

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Bob Marley

♡♥In May 1981 the music world lost a legend when reggae artist Bob Marley died after a four-year battle with a melanoma skin cancer that started on his toe♥♡

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BOB MARLEY died 36 years to young a man and his band who brought people together. Very much missed!

¿Quién eres tú para juzgar la vida que vivo? no soy perfecto ni vivo para serlo, pero antes de empezar a señalar asegúrate de tener las manos limpias.

Bob Marley "Possession make ya rich? I no have that type of richness. My richness is life, forever.

Bob Marley and his BMW

- For a long time Bob drove a BMW — which, as far as he was concerned, stood for Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Bob Marley

“Well I am always interested my people’s right. But I will push myself to a revolution without arms.” (Bob Marley at Press Conference, Waldorf Hotel, New York City