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he's her hope✨

he's her hope✨

The 100 #Bellarke hug <3<3<3

LOVED this scene. I think this is the most PHYSICAL affection we'll see happen with Bellarke for a while.until Clarke is ready to let someone else in after Finn.) - - - - - *hysterical laughter* Like I will ever be okay again.

Bellarke, The 100

#The100 #Bellarke @oxmariieee

Bellarke Clarke has been trusting Bellamy since season << Exactly

The 100- Bellamy and Clarke ❤❤❤❤❤ My life is over

Bellarke scenes: Unity Day II The 100 II Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake

The 100

Don't you think that Lexa, Finn and Wells died so they can let Bellarke happen?