Oh Phil || GIF SET: OUR SECRET FAN FICTIONS?! - Truth Bombs 2!

I know which one of them wrote it and buddy pal I love them but I've gotta fight Phil deserves more>>>I don’t think I can disagree with you but I’m happy Dan is successful I just wish Phil was just as much because how can anyone like just one

When will they realize they can wear a shirt under it

Just let it happen, it’s just like with the baking video just let it happen

What the heck actual Daniel James Howell. Why. I'm so confused about what you're doh but with life like what.

I don't think I can trust the conversation, but what the fuck Dan…also nearly half of the Phandom are FBI level stalkers

GIF SET: From Dan's December 18th, 2017 Ho Ho No Live Show

I nearly fell asleep listening to this live show!Dan is like Morgan Freeman

- ̗̀ @artsyautumn ̖́-

Aww his smile in the last frame, Dan you little squish It's dan vs Phil slither.

daniffer is so my otp oh my gosh this video was so cringey it's amazing

daniffer is so my otp oh my gosh this video was so cringey it's amazing<<<do u ship phan? Or like do u only ship dan with his old celeb crush

HAHAHAHA NOAH FENCE<<< one confused on what Noah fence is and two OHHHHHHHHH Dan has a crush

Ok yeah but 'Noah Fence' I can't tell if it's a joke or not