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Oh yes, definelty,

his face though!

joe sugg - He asked why he didn't have a valentine <~ not true Siri don't b mean!


<<< what is this you're doing why the ugly 2011 xD face and why is there a exclamation mark after it explain

Well both actually ❤

Well both actually ❤

Omg zoella is my mum and Alfie is my dad!!! Such a happy family!!<< I can't believe Phil Lester is my dad!

Hannah Hart and Phil Lester for the win! That of course might be a little difficult, but whatevs man - they're the best!<<< I got Tanya Burr and Phil Lester!

Joe sugg at his finest

We Know What You're Getting For Christmas Based On These YouTubers

Read How you sleep from the story Joe sugg Imagines and prefrences by Idonthaveanname (MIA) with reads. You spoon Joe wraps h.

when the music teacher tells us to be more enthueastic while singing

No I'm such an excitable enthusiastic teachers have to tell me to calm down when they give us not torturous homework and I freak out>> no, when my mom tells me to be more happy for the photo

Ain't that the truth!

Dan: well that's easy, with my best friend. Me: awww Dan! You and Phil have the best friendship- Dan: laptop.