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What a Brilliant Cat..! Cat Checks to Make Sure Cup is Safe to Land

Cat Checks to Make Sure Cup is Safe to Land

I don’t like this cup, it goes on the floor… Cats are jerks.

smile Властелин Колец

Funny pictures about Gollum cat. Oh, and cool pics about Gollum cat. Also, Gollum cat.

He knows.....

My cat does this. If you point the laser on somebody's foot, normaly a cat would go for it. My cat doesn't go for the laser while its on a person

ATTACK/RETREAT. | The Best Cat Gif Post In The History Of Cat Gifs

Whatever that dog is running from, he is hardly even phased by the attack/retreat cat!

This unsettling creature is called Eunice aphroditois, or colloquially the Bobbit worm. These critters can grow up to three meters long and have pincers capable of slicing its (sometimes larger) prey right in half. Also? It injects a toxin into its prey to make it easier to digest. Yum.

This Worm is Truly, Deeply Terrifying



ou ce chat sait lire et a un certain sens de l'humour... ou le hasard fait vraiment bien les choses !!!... en tout cas, si vous recevez un jour une telle boîte, vous aurez bien ce que vous avez commandé, non ?!?...

You get what you ordered

It's A Good Thing I Didn't Buy Lacoste, Click the link to view today's funniest pictures!

animated gif: adorable dog getting very excited about the tennis ball

17 Dumb Animals Who Think the TV is Real

Les joies du code, l'instant GIF des développeurs !

Funny pictures about Quite Shocked Kitten. Oh, and cool pics about Quite Shocked Kitten. Also, Quite Shocked Kitten photos.

I want to bit this for my math teacher !!!!!! Really bad I mean who dosent

Grumpy Cat Poster- I love math it makes people cry Poster

Grumpy Cat Poster- I love math it makes people cry. I just think of my mother who is a math teacher.

It's like some awkward kitten ballet.

I love cat gifs and dog gifs. Funny Cats, Cute Cats, all the time.Big animals gif lover too.