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That's very true, some of them need to be in the fbi

That's a bit extreme l, I'm more of a casual shipper myself. You know, some fanfic here, some fanart there, the occasional squealing over cute pictures.> and I only ship Phan cause there's no one else that looks at Phil like dan does😭😍

Excuse you I want them as cats now

omg imagine Dan cat trying to push things off the table and Phil cat keeps stopping him. Imagine Phil cat jumping on Dan cat to wake him up.


Sass I already had but my oh my all I do is swear in my mind now and gosh I hate it dang it Dan lit-ra-lily I hate swearing and I keep doing it thanks to you lol.I don't ship Phan so idk about the last one I know I crush on him but idk bout Dan

"I'm about as violent and in intimidating as a pink butterfly that's stuck on a marshmallow" Dan Howell

When the coach asks if I understood the play

(gif) or the human embodiment of Winnie the Pooh [danisnotonfire]

DAN HOWELL XD - image #3068141 by helena888 on Favim.com

And I`m not on my laptop. (side note: Last night I changed lots of my boards and Dan and Phil are on almost EVERY board I have XD when did I become such trash?) <<< You Always Have Been and will FOREVER Be Phan Trash