Some old things get forgotten. But they are eventually replaced with just as good things.

aww :) but its true though. I kinda miss old phan things, especially the sexy end screen dance and draw phil naked :(<<< yeah and danisnotonfire, I'll always miss that :(

They fricking put Phil's last name yes.< Yeah but it's Wikipedia.... Anyone can write anything on it.

I don't even ship Phan that much. Sorry, don't throw Phan related things at me<<<< I DO ship phan but I'm not crazy about it not bother the phandom but I'm still sometimes grateful for those ppl

I read 'how dare you'

I feel like Dan, Phil, and Thomas Sanders are in a tie for cutest person on the planet.


"Tyler, Pewdiepie and also BBC ships Phan. Curse you two why don't you make Phan happen?" Jacksepticeye also ships Phan. Tyler is Phil trash

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They honestly were made for each other. Like if anyone was made for each other in friend or more way it's Dan and Phil << true true idc what they are but they have the best connection

COOL LET'S DO THAT <<< I mean... The last two things are OK, as long as not EVERYBODY are asking ALL the time. There has to be a limit guys! If you can keep up with that limit, then I think it's okay to ask!

First rule of Phan don't talk about Phan club! <----- sorry but i really have to ask but what happened to dan's brother?

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