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(SPOILER WARNING OF ANAMNESIS COMIC) Took me 3-4 hours. and I am happy I made the Background so well *sniff sniff* oooh Undyne, that's a bad injuries you have there. Gztale/Anamnesis (c) GolzyBlaze...

I think I put too much blood :T, but i love draw blood anyways I hope you like this drawing >w< I love too much draw Sans art (c) me San. Broken like glass

Fighter's Spirit! Pt. 1( Undertale Spoiler!) by Doc-Diventia

Based off the fight with a fallen human soul and their Gloves whose punches hurt most.

looks like even underfell!Gaster has his weak spots... there is a part two to this as well. part2:bunnymuse.deviantart.com/art/t…

Calibri-Light, this one is for you. In her words: "A funny idea I also have of the family the most is that Sans is trying to learn magic, but it . Some one is in serious trouble

sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic

sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic I can just imagine their cute baby voices! it's perfect!

Sans and Chara - Reapertale AU - comic

Sans and Chara - Reapertale AU - comic Oml I love this life and death AU


tbh i don't like seeing blue as a child but paps looks awesome