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You become a citizen in Snowdin due to being lost in the undergrounds… Fanfiction

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Zerochan has 49 Undyne anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Undyne is a character from Undertale.

Gaster Kitten: ☝☼☜☜❄✋☠☝ --- Bet you didn't expect this one since this wasn't requested. --- Bio: Nothing much to describe about this K...

Chara: FUCK ME,KITTEN. Frisk: I'm so gay right now. Asriel: *dead* Artist-chan: wish I was this hot if I were a guy,but I approve.

Shiiii, apenas aproveite

“Sshhhhhh… the flowers are listening.”Couldn’t resist drawing beautiful Echotale Frisk again– I love her designs so much done to get more practice ;

The last tho....XD

Sprites of various Undertale AUs Source Notes:There was a contest on my deviantart page started about a few days ago, in which people would request me to make sprite edits of different Undertale AUs, and whats that at the bottom, yep its.

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The mangle (lulu999)

Mangle - Five Nights at Freddy's - Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE Pixiv =======================================================================================             *Hey guys its been a while :3...

Seeing this drawing fills you with DETERMINATION That's frisk baby and audry 2 Undertale don't forget to watch!