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Bony Skeleton Hand Hour Glass--> Discworld Headcanon that somewhere in the lifetimers room at Death's house, there is an hourglass that looks like this.


Hour Glass Series: Skulls include wildcat, crow, vulture and vervet. The viewer can turn the hourglass and watch as the golden skull is slowly consumed by the black sand, adding a Momento Mori element. Each one-of-a-kind piece is names the amount of time

Dragon Hourglass

Dragon Hourglass Pairs of patient dragons frame this hourglass, as the black sands count the minutes - what happens next, the dragons will not say. tall bronzed resin hourglass marks five minutes of time.

Mademoizelle Sefra jewelry - Skull ring.

Skulls: Hand-Carved Crystal Ring, by Mademoizelle Sefra jewelry.

The Alchemist  Vintage Wizard Hourglass by kambriel on Etsy

The Alchemist - Vintage Wizard Hourglass

"aut caesar, aut nihil" : Foto

Jean Rousseau skull watch from century. This amazing watch was made ​​of silver and brass in Genève, Switzerland. You can find it at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

I don't typically like useless desk decor but a crow skull hourglass is a different story.

Concept The contemplation of finite time, life, death, and beauty. Each piece resembles a traditional hourglass, but at the bottom of each glass compartment a gold plated animal skull is mounted. The hourglasses of varying sizes are.

Halloween Snake Hour Glass

Halloween Snake Hour Glass : Target I got this cuz Slitherin.like it's at Carly's and exists already XD

Neat! Being an art geek but this is basically a modern version of Octopus Jar from ancient Greece. (Look what art history has done to me)

beautiful, bottle, ocean, octopus, sea- Something to keep your Kraken Rum in - Sculpture by Elstwhen.

This 30 Minute Hourglass Sand Timer makes an elegant accent for a vintage style home office or kitchen. Inspired by nautical ship hourglasses, the aged metal frame adds a unique touch to this large timepiece. Time is approximately 30 minutes, but may vary.

Measure the passing of time in a gentler way with a beautiful and elegant 30 Minute Hour Glass! For more sand clocks and vintage inspire hour glasses, visit Antique Farmhouse.

love love love it! if I ever see one, I am owning it, makes me wanna go antiquing.

Etienne Hourglass (to time magik spells) - Decorative Hourglass, Hourglass Collection