No matter what team you are on you got to love Spark

I love Spark

I love Spark <--- I don't even have the game and I'm pretty sure I know what team I'm on. XD Wear heelies to escape your feelies y'all.


So many feels.

OH MY GOD THE FEELS. Poor eevee was abandoned because it was a shiny, but was rescued by a human and evolved into a Sylveon.

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pokemon love poem haha

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Kawaii eevee

Pokemon X Y - Sylveon I thought the evolution method was going to be to let evolve with a pink ribbon or something but it Eevee evolves by friendship and learning a fairy type move to evolve into Syleveon by Madison Thomas

I see just like in real life, the whites are at the top.

This new #PokemonGo hack is allowing players to generate as much as 2000 #coins per hour! :rice_cracker:

gogo Pokemon on

I still don't understand why I'm on Team Mystic XD (I'm too weird and I should be on Instinct XD)