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Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe & Clark Gable at Seven Year Itch wrap party at Romanoffs 1954

Sammy Davis Jr and Marilyn Monroe by Milton Greene.

Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis Jr. photographed by Milton Greene, Haha Sammy talking mess!

Marilyn Monroe Chihuahua...I think it looks rather like my own Chi-hu...Ashley, though she is on an extended vacation with my mother.

Marilyn Monroe in 1948 playing with her chihuahua Choochoo, who takes a mighty leap upward for a treat.

Smiling beauty

Marilyn Monroe on the beach. This is probably my favourite picture of her. Actually I think this is one of my favorite pictures ever of any one famous. She looks so happy and natural I love her expression :)

Marilyn Monroe & the legendary Marlene Dietrich, at the launch of Marilyn Monroe productions. (1955) Both were friends of the columnist Sidney Skolsky as well as Milton Greene. Other guests included gossip columnist & society hostess Elsa Maxwell, playwright Sidney Kingsley, composer Richard Rodgers & photographer Sam Shaw.   'Of Women and their Elegance' by Norman Mailer , with photos by Milton H. Greene (1980) (please follow minkshmink on pinterest) #marilynandmarlene

Marilyn Monroe & Marlene Dietrich, 1955 (By Milton Greene)

Marilyn Monroe

most people remember this woman for her beauty and how she looked like in the first picture. A women's smile that comes from the heart is one of the most beautiful and attractive thing she can do

Maria Callas and Marilyn Monroe met at Madison Square Garden, New York on 19 May 1962 (the night Monroe sang 'Happy Birthday' to JFK).

Marilyn Monroe with Maria Callas, the Greek-American soprano who was one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the century - backstage at Madison Square Garden, May 1962 - the night Marilyn sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to JFK.

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