Im so clumsy it will end up killing me one day and accidentally killing someone else. The domino effect of clumsiness. Science explained. BOOM

And it usually happens because instead of me paying attention to the stairs im watching fairytale on my phone <<<<<<< Fairy TAIL

Whenever Natsu says he's thinking

That's my reaction. I'm just surprised and proud at the same time.<<<<< I love Fairy Tail.

You'll kill your grandpa and girlfriend before their time.

Aww natsu!!! #fairy tail

Natsu<---- the four-hundredth issue today- I have died of joy. NATSU I AM SO…

Gray you're a tsundere? Hahahah xD ~Fairy Tail

Okay, I think just about everyone ships Gruvia, but I kinda like Lyvia<<< no! Ship gruvia, not Lyvia .