Um tanto quanto sanguinário ne kkkk

John Gallagher-WIP Logan deep sixes Sabertooth by uncannyknack on deviantART

The Flash (Bartholomew Henry 'Barry' Allen). His ability to use his speed to pass through walls is an amazing utilization of his speed powers.

Comic book illustration of Wolverine made by digital artist Simone Bianchi for Uncanny X-Force

Mysterious misterio fan art

Slovakian illustrator Michal Ivan does video games art, comics and books covers. L’illustrateur Slovaque Michal Ivan travai…


Wolverine By Dexter Soy - Marvel Comics - Xmen - Avengers - James Logan Howlett - Comic Book Art

Venom by Jon Siva

Venom by Jon Siva

Batman vs superman

Check out this Artist Highlight featuring one of the most exciting and dynamic comic book artists John Gallagher! Prepare to have your mind exploded

wolvie vs. hulk colored by The-Hand

hulk vs juggernaut line art by: lui antonio aka stompboxx colors by: Me this piece is a labor of love. this took me the longest to color.