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Edinger-Westphal neurons in culture. Stained for Tubulin (green) and Synapsin (red). Of course, colocalization makes yellow. Imaged with a Zeiss Axioskop 2 FS Plus equipped with a Zeiss Axiocam HRm. 100x total magnification.

Discovery of Quantum Vibrations Inside Brain Neurons Supports Controversial Theory of Consciousness post image

Differentiated rat neural stem cells were fixed andimmunostained β III-tubulin (monoclonal Tuj1 from Stem Cell Technologies), GFAP (from Stem Cell Technologies) and DAPI (from Life Technologies). Images were acquired with SPOT RT Slider CCD camera and SPOT Basic image capture software. Image generated with the Image J color combine function.

Neural Stem Cells by Daniel Schroen, Cell Applications Inc

Premio Nobel de Medicina 2012 otorgado a científicos que lograron la regrogramación de las células madre.

a cluster of neural cells were derived from human embryonic stem cells in the lab of university of wisconsin-madison stem. the motor neurons are shown in red; neural fibers appear green and the blue specks indicate DNA in cell nuclei.

Neurogénesis: ¿cómo se crean nuevas neuronas?

The presence of adult neurogenesis– the birth of new neurons in the mature brain– is a fairly recent revelation in neuroscience. In our third Art of Neuroscience gallery, we present stu…

Nerves (In Green) Under The Skin Of A Mouse (Hair Follicles Are Shown In Red And Blue), Uk, Image Of Distinction

2017 Nikon Macro Photo Contest Winners Show The World Like You’ve Never Seen Before

2017 Nikon Macro Photo Contest Winners / Nerves (In Green) Under The Skin Of A Mouse (Hair Follicles Are Shown In Red And Blue), Uk, Image Of Distinction

Human learning altered by electrical stimulation of dopamine neurons

This is a group of neurons. Credit: EPFL/Human Brain Project Related news release: Thinking it through: Scientists seek to unlock mysteries .

Didn't know the brain cortex could be so awesomely beautiful!

I think the cerebellum is one of the prettiest parts of the brain (for basic anatomy, go here). This is an image of the cerebellum showing purkinje cells in yellow and their outputs (axons that will.

Medical visualization, brain synapses, neurons fly trough animation, 3D stock media available on http://www.cgtrader.com/iterateCGI

Pyramidal-Neurons-scene Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

Synapse - Neurons in the brain Credit: Dr Jonathan Clarke. Pyramidal neurons forming a network in the brain. These are nerve cells from the cerebral cortex that have one large apical dendrite and several basal dendrites. Colour-enhanced light microscopy 2003 Published:

Freewill and the Brain article includes concept of plasticity of the brain which is a key to Heart and Soul!

Oh E. coli, a friend to everyone...except not this strain. Escherichia coli . one week sick to stomach now, runs O157:H7

Escherichia Coli (E.Coli) is facultative aerobic which means it can produce ATP through respiration if oxygen is present but if not it can transition to fermentation.

online bio? Brain Control in a Flash of Light (Amy did an awesome feature on this for Discover a few years ago http://discovermagazine.com/2012/sep/25-controlling-brains-with-flick-of-light-switch )

Brain Control in a Flash of Light

A revolutionary technique that switches brain circuits on and off has taken neuroscience by storm and is now undergoing a new round of innovation

Научная биологическая фотография Bio-Art: итоги конкурса

2012 Bio-Art Winners: Grigori Enikolopov and Ann-Shyn Chiang won for this image of neural stem cells. The image depicts stem cells (green) and neuronal nuclei (red).

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