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Twin Flame Synchronicity - Is it Just a Coincidence?

and sometimes it is, that 'God' is a jealous 'God' . and you were chosen to be a "soul mate" for an eternal message . a synchronicity with the Universe. What higher form of LOVE could there be?

QUOTE | Twin Flames do not "complete" you because you are already innately "complete" at a soulful level; they instead compliment you deeply and help you to grow, learn, evolve and integrate that missing part of your soul from two to one. Two hearts ~ one soul. -Tiffany Stiles

Twin FLAME~ What To Expect When You Meet Yours~

I think this is what happened in my case... Only it was a split second thing, but when I looked back, it was too late.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames by Kevin Hunter. So does that mean I have two tf.

Twin Flame Union - "WHAT IS IT?: Twin Flame Union is also called an Alchemical Marriage or Soul Merge, referred to as a balancing and coming together of the Divine M/F Counterparts. HOW DO YOU GET THERE?: This energetic Union can only happen between true Twin Flames. It happens once the Twins have reached Vibrational Alignment - being cleared from resistance, and brought back into the original harmony. Also described as a return to the shared "Soul Song" (the core frequency of the Twin…

'One Soul In Two Bodies': The Journey of Returning to Original Bliss, Unconditional Love and the Twin Flame Soul Song. Your questions about Union answered.