Oh, there goes my heart.

The Marauders were definitely McGonagall's favorite students, especially James. Dude may have been a bit arrogant, but he was brilliant at the two things McGonagall loved most - Quidditch and Transfiguration.

Mrs Weasley could be so, so cruel. To Sirius and Hermione and I'm not sure who else but it's there and it's nauseating<<<i agree, there was a time when I wanted to jump in the book and knock molly-wobbles' face.

Well, I'm gonna go cry in a corner now

Well there goes my heart. Good thing I didn't need that.<---*Looks down at the shattered pieces of my heart and shrugs*

Crying and crying now - Ginny and Lupin

When it said baby Ginny I thought maybe it was one of Harry's kids talking to Remus at Hogwarts and then I realized Remus is dead.

And when teddy is in school tonks can disguise herself as some random student and just sit in the lesson and watch or something or play pranks.

this is really giving me the chills. at least i know why crookshanks was so attracted to the 3 and hated wormtail

In Lily's letter to Sirius, she mentions how Harry nearly killed the cat with the toy broom that Sirius got him. Well, what if that's the reason that Crookshanks has a squashed head and a flat face? <<< This makes perfect sense!

Great now I'm gonna be spending half the night thinking about this

Great now I'm gonna be spending half the night thinking about this << What if Thestrals are blind and it doesn't even matter?

Muggleborn headcanons are the best.

Muggle borns of Hogwarts<<I need this to happen<<<<i actualy started daydreaming about this on a bus and i started laughing and about 15 people turned around and stared at me.