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I don't like these things yet I keep pinning them,, I feel like gally gets such a bad rep. hes just doing what he thinks is right

There is an Isaac Newton poster in the back of the chemistry lab at my school, every time I see it I start tearing up :'(

Icant belive newt got the flare it was so sad when thomas opened the note newt gave him.

It's okay Will we still love you <<< EYEBROW POWERRRR

I don't see the big deal with his eyebrows.


Will Poulter and Thomas Brodie Sangster interview for The Maze Runner ~Madison Linzt

But he didn't see you reject Thomas and punch him in the face also both boys like you. You personally like newt, tho, and look up a minute later to find him gone. the game loses its appeal and you get up to leave

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