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#GirlLove coming Summer 2017

Imagenes De Miraculous Ladybug Y Chat Noir - catty noir y ladybug - Wattpad

Adrien x Marinette

Chats face when she said I want to have a baby! His like hell yeah

I want that dress *-* >< Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir - The dress - Chat Noir Marinette Alya Adrien Nino

I seriously want Ladybug and Chat Noir to hang out as best friends, cut the puns and flirting and Ladybug would just stick around!

And this does'int just go for miraculous, this goes for anywhere! Just one small act of kindness can do wonders! #StayKind

Adrien and Marinette never thought hero's were real. Until it happened. Always be kind, you may not turn into a hero that defends Paris, but, I promise you, you will be rewarded

No matter how fan five put it I find this the most plausible scenario for the reactions from both of them when the big reveal finally happens

Here's the full comic. I didn't make it, so if you know the original artist, comment below. *Plagg in the background eating cheese

Behind my smile by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

I can imagine Ladybug having troubles with the idea of another Volpina and who better to help with that than Alya?<<<< YES PLS