“You imprinted on my daughter!”

-spoiler alert- Bella reacting to Jacob not only trying to take her daughter out off her arms but for also imprinting and later on also giving Renesmee the nickname Nessie. Safe to say that she's a little pissed off.

bella wanna eat blood from a human but she is strong enough to go away from the human en eat blood from a animal

Breaking Dawn part 2 ~ Edward and Bella

Twilight Edaward and Bella I love these movies and the books are even better I am totally Team Edward

YEP! Bella was a hero in so many ways! No, she isn't perfect but give her some credit, people!!!

Bella Swan is a hero people say she isn't but she so is she fought for everyone who she loved

lol,I loved this prt,in the book AND movie,too bad Seth jumped in front of her,she could have killed Jacob!

Lmao that's me when I here it Twilight at work lol

Boss: shocked face, co-workers: ew face, co-workers I'm friends with: semi embarrassed, me: YEAAAAH!

Twilight & Breaking Dawn Part 1 n 2<3 This movie was really good!! I Almost cried!!

Love ∞ on